Bored of the same cliché designs and furniture in your house that has become more than monotonous apart from being outdated? Still, refraining from innovating your space contemplating about budget constraints? Well well, not everything starts and ends with them dollar bills. You can choose to create a refreshing look and give a new look to your home sweet home without having to spend in a lot. Listed below are some ideas that can help you achieve the exact vibe & feel you’re looking for:

Black + White = Minimalistic Epitome
There is simply nothing that speaks of minimalistic designs and patterns as much as the staple colour palette of the deep black color with the divinity of white. You can play around with lines and simple geographic patterns like on the carpets or rugs or with a simple standing mirror outlined with the outlines tracing black edges on the backdrop of a white wall or simply plant pot. You can contrast your walls with the floor and this will assure that your color coding is continuous while you can have a hint of color popping via a natural plant or a casual and contemporary framed piece.
Wooden Wonders
Nothing beats the warmness of wooden setup coupled with pastel shades on the walls and/or surrounding storage compartments. The look can easily be achieved with hanging storage spaces or plants that add vibrancy to an otherwise consistent backdrop shade card. You add a quirky cushion to a wooden chair or statement showpieces like pots, lamp, graphic calendars that alleviate the overall feel. Especially if it’s a desk or study space you might want to revamp, lots of storage is required to sort your documents and stationery. Top it with a scenic painting to adorn the place with a serene look.
Clarity & Purity of White
There is literally nothing as graceful as the color white. The color itself speaks of grandeur, vastness, calm and softness. Although a little tedious to maintain, there is no other color that reflects the tidiness and light of the areas as much the color white. You can place simply anything like a dark-hued hand-wash or basket or a hanging netted lighting to pop up the beauty of your space. If it’s a washroom, you can place oxygen pots of dark brown or navy color and see the same washroom come alive. An ambient lighting and basic glass panels make the same area look so much bigger and grander. If you’re on a budget you can also go for simple economic tiles and just get the Sunmica of your panels changed, for the freshest most rejuvenating showers and therapeutic baths in your tub.
Pastel Palette
A bedroom defines a lot of your headspace as it is your ultimate haven of rest and introspection hence should be minimalist not just in your furniture placement but also your color palette. Using warm pastel shades on top of a cool grey adds a dash of color without being too loud. Grey is a top hue for minimalist designs because of its cool tone and ability to easily complement other minimalist colors and texture like pastels. A grey bedroom with hints of warm tones of tans and pinks is cool, relaxing and lovely. You can also add a sparkle to the whole look with textures and elements in silver and golden. These two are evergreen and adorn whenever employed in the design. You can additionally add a matching rug and a soothing painting depending on whether for you the hills are a calling or the sound of tides in the ocean fills your heart with joy, adventure and calm.

Homes are basically an extension of your aura, ideals and lifestyle. Making minimalism a part of your house design essentially makes sure that you always have more room for things and movement and also have more light reflecting the beautiful décor you have invested in.